Treatments for Body Mind & Soul 

Health & Wellbeing


Sound Healing & Gong Therapy

with Gongs, Crystal & Himalayan Bowls

Percussion & Drums


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Treatments are held in Nunney, near Frome in Somerset & Monthly Group Sound & Gong Baths in Mells Tythe Barn.

Private & Corporate events are held in UK.


Sound & Gong treatments are a deep immersion into oneself, a massage of sound, tuning the body & soul to it's greatest resonance & harmony, bringing deep peace & relaxation.  Restoring you throughout your being.


Moving through your nervous system, opening, clearing, cleansing and recharging the mind, body and spirit, the Gongs will release many illnesses, to regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system.


The Gong triggers a meditation & contemplation state in which an opportunity exists to relinquish control of the mind, as the whole being is reset & realigned to a state of harmony, balance & synchrony.  A place of deep peace and healing can occur.


Rejuvenating, liberating all the cells, bones & organs in the body, creating well-being throughout.


The Gong is a tool of self development and personal & spiritual growth.  It is a cleansing tool, clearing away old unwanted energy and creating space for new fresh ways of being. A complete self care treatment to soothe your soul.


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