Astrology Readings by Phone or in Person

Hello and welcome to INNER HORIZONS


Astrology is a study of the symbolic interpretation of the movements & placements of the planets as they relate to an individuals character, make up & life possibilities.

My intent is to empower you the individual in your sense of self & the choices you make in life.

Inner Horizons has been developed through astrological analysis & therapeutic guidance, to assist you the client to find & discover more about your inner self & leading a fulfilling life.

Through the tool of your Astrological Chart, also known as your Natal-birth-horoscope Chart, which is calculated by your birth date, time & place, guides me to assist you with present day issues with the transits & progressions to your chart now.

These Transits & Progressions of the Planets in the sky now are bringing change ,opportunity, healing & spiritual growth a opportunity for your development, growth and insight.


I guide you through these transits and your natal chart, giving you information

& tools to better understand yourself & these opportunities now.


The Consultation lasts for One Hour   Fee £75.00


Helen Stillwell Dip.Psych.Astrol.   F.A.P.A.I


Member of the Professional Astrologers Ass.UK











07817 211907 or 01373 837370