Treatments for Body Mind & Spirit

Individual & Group Sessions

with Helen Stillwell



Sound Healing with Gongs-Himalayan & Crystal




                     07817 211907

Treatments are held in Nunney, in Somerset & Group Sound Baths in Mells Tythe Barn  Somerset.


Sound & Gong treatments are a deep immersion into oneself, a massage of sound, tuning the body

& soul to it's greatest resonance & harmony.


Moving through your nervous system, opening, clearing, cleansing and recharging the mind, body & spirit, the Gongs will release  many regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system.


The Gong triggers a meditation & contemplation state in which an opportunity exists to relinquish control of the mind, as the whole being is reset and realigned to a state of harmony, balance & synchrony, a place of deep peace and healing can occur.

Rejuvenating, liberating all the cells, bones & organs in the body, creating well being throughout.